Standard Property

Facts about the Property

The 2022 geophysical survey completed over the area identified conductive anomalies outlining the graphite zone, which extends over 500 meters, and encompasses the historical mine. A drilling program at the Standard Project will be conducted this winter.

Luisa Moreno, CEO, stated: “To date grab and channeling samples from the Standard graphite claims have consistently shown high grade graphite material. Following the drilling program at the LAB project, we will be conducting exploration drilling at Standard. As we move steadily from prospecting to resource estimation, the significant potential of LAB and the Standard Project, which includes two historical graphite mines, should be clear. Given the existing nearby clean power and transportation infrastructure, these two projects could become a near-term source of graphite to the regional emerging electric vehicles sector.”

Select Results:

  • Fourteen grab samples from this fall program yielded assay results between 1.26% Cg and 20.5% Cg with twelve of them grading over 11% (see Table 1).
  • Fifty-seven samples were collected from four trenching locations, yielding 6.21% Cg over 26 metres (m), 11.76% Cg over 10 m, 10.32% Cg over 9.5 m, and 5.06% Cg over 10m (see Table 2).
Table 1
Table 2
Table 2

Geophysics Program

An airborne geophysical survey, which confirmed the presence of two graphite related anomalies extending 500 metres and 600 metres in length through the historical graphite mine surface workings, was conducted at the Standard Project in the summer of 2022.

The Standard claims were optioned from Mr. Daniel St-Pierre (see news release dated June 28, 2022) providing Graphano the exclusive right to acquire 100% of the claims. Graphano subsequently engaged St-Pierre Exploration Enr. to manage and conduct the initial prospecting, trenching and channel sampling work.

During the 2022 Fall program, a total of 57 channel samples were collected from four separate trenches. Each channel sample from the trenching work ranged from a minimum of 50 cm to a maximum of 100 cm long, 5 cm wide and 3-5 cm deep cut in bedrock.

All grab and channel samples were bagged and tagged using best practices and were delivered to Activation Laboratories (“ACTLABS”), Ancaster, Ontario. for sample preparation and analyses using laboratories’ Code 4F-C Graphitic, analyzing C-Graphite (infrared) where the sample is subjected to a multistage furnace treatment to remove all forms of carbon with the exception of graphitic carbon; and C-Total (infrared). ACTLABS is an independent commercial, accredited ISO Certified Laboratory.


The Mont-Laurier area has a continental temperate climate with warm humid summers and cold and snowy winters, particularly in January. There are wide temperature variations in each season. The average winter temperature in the area ranges from -4C° to -17C°, and the average summer temperature varies between 10C° to 27C° (Figure 3). Except for geological mapping and surface sampling, which is only possible when there is no snow cover on the ground, the exploration work can be carried out throughout the year.


The original operators produced graphite on a small scale between 1923 and 1930 but ceased operations due to the low unit price of graphite during the 1929 market crash. Moreover, it seems that the small-scale operation and the inefficient milling process known at that time may have led to the failure of the enterprise but not for lack of ore.

Geophysical surveys completed in the 1980s over the area identified a conductive anomaly outlining the graphite zone, which is 500 meters long and confirmed by the old 1922 trenches and pits in the immediate area of the historical mine.

An airborne geophysical survey covering a larger area will be conducted in June/July of 2022.

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